The Dominion of Wisdom

The Dominion of Wisdom

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Author: Chris Christian


The man God made in His image and likeness is a wise man. The dominion that God gave man can only be exercised through wisdom. The wise see and also know. Understanding is with the wise. Wisdom delivers from death. Whatever that is successful and prosperous is deeply rooted in wisdom. Because of how important wisdom is, men destroy themselves when they are separated from wisdom. God gives wisdom to seekers. All achievers are wise people. Although wisdom empowers the wise to accomplish great works,what wisdom makes out of the wise is more important to God than its achievements. Those that lack wisdom share covenant with death and destruction. Foolishness is very subtle. Nothing is as absurd as the disenchantment that delude men to think they are wise when they are actually wallowing in foolishness. Wisdom speaks in its works and fruits. If wisdom has ability to make men wealthy, how does a man that lack almost everything he needs claim to be wise? Wisdom reveals the value of men. It also makes men productive and useful to themselves. Wisdom is a life-giver and those that find her are favoured by God.

The aim of writing this book is not to swell up your knowledge but to sincerely open your eyes of see how indispensable wisdom is to your life. I know you are a wise person because it is only the wise that seek wisdom. There is so much that is hidden from the blind and foolish. Foolishness doesn't allow fools to be part of their lives and environment. I am a typical African man who is greatly bothered with the retrogression of this blind continent. It is only blind slaves and fools that can keep other people s vineyards while their own vineyards are abandoned. To be an African is not a taboo. Africans, this is your season. God's journey with man started in Africa and will surely end here. If you are a bosom friend of God who desires His sovereign will to be accomplished in Africa in this millennium, make this hooka must-read.


About the Author

Chris Christian is the Shepherd of the Locust Army International. He is an apostolic- prophet captured with the vision of raising an altar for the capital Messiah in the heart of Africa.To make sure that Jesus Christ is revealed on earth as the Lion of the tribe of Judah is why his ministry was born. Chris Christian is a prolific writer of over one hundred and twenty best-selling books.


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Year of Publication: June 2020
Edition: First Edition
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-80-7643-012-9
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