Our e-Books Formats

E-book Formats Sold at mdabooksworld.com

mdabooksworld.com designs, develops and creates E-book in the following formats:

      • EPUB for Ebook Reader (preferred option for mobile devices such as Tablets, Labtops, and Selfphone)
      • DRM-Free PDF (no restriction on e-reader device)
      • DRM-Free ePub (no restriction on e-reader device)
      • PDF for E-book Readers
      • PDF for Digital Editions
      • EPUB for Digital Editions
      • Online Reader format (read in your internet browser without any additional software)

All the aformentioned formats used for reading our e-books are supported by all e-reader devices compatible with Adobe Digital Editions (Windows) or e-book readers (Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Kindle Fire).

Most e-books can also be read online using our own online reader (Dionesoft - mdabw's education, training and entrepreneurship software) and any major web browser.


Description of the Major E-book Formats

PDF (.pdf) Format for Digital Editions / E-book Readers

PDF (also known as Portable Document Format) is the most popular and generally used document publishing format created by Adobe. Technically, PDF is not a true eBook because it's not reflowable. it's the format that normally opens up in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. PDF format is generally known for their ease of use and ability to keep and maintain high-end design and format of each page, showing or displaying exactly the original design of the e-book. In order to give users an easier and simpler reading interface, Adobe has developed Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), especially for a comfortable and harmonic reading of e-books.

PDFs are similar to the fixed layout EPUB file format, but, unlike the EPUB, they only have basic copy protection, which means they can be easily downloaded and shared for free. Despite this, they are still one of the most commonly used eBook formats, especially by marketers. Some formats that are designed to be suited for small screens (like EPUB) tend to lose page formatting quality when displayed on a larger screen.

The PDF e-book formats cannot be sold in the Apple iBook Store (Apple Books) or Kindle Store (Kindle Books), but they can be read on just any e-reader device.

Generally, e-books are originally produced in PDF Format before being encrypted to protect authors from the risk of piracy.

EPUB (.epub) Format for Digital Editions / E-book Reader

EPUB (also known as the short form for electronic publication and sometimes styled ePub) is the most widely supported e-book format and can be read on almost all e-reader devices (e.g. computers, smartphones, tablets and more), except for Kindle. All EPUB formats are DRM protected and have strong copy protection.

The EPUB format suits e-books provided with too many images and graphics as for instance comics, graphic novels and recipe books. EPUB format can also be enhanced and provided with audio or video embedded in the e-book, enabling readers to directly listen and watch images and clips inside the E-books, without being redirected to an external internet browser or video player.

There are two different EPUB formats, reflowable EPUB Format and Fixed Layout EPUB Format.

Reflowable Layout EPUB format is ethymplogically an automatically ajustable page format to any e-reader device's screen size without deforming, changing or decreasing the quality of its original design. The text, images and videos reflow to fit all screen sizes i.e. no image or text overlap. This format is best used for text-heavy e-books. Reflowable Layout EPUB Formats are the most common and familiar e-book format to readers.

Fixed layout EPUB format is the most suitable and greatest format used for image-heavy or pictoral e-books sucha as art books or other e-books that are heavily or intensively provided with graphical presentation and sophisticated designs. This format retain the effects of all images, graphics and layouts fixed and unchanged. Fxed Layout EPUB Format is also very suitable for interactivity and animations support by javascript. It is the best recommanded Layout Format for children's e-books due to the advanced text and image effects as for instance "Read aloud", a feature that makes the words on the screen light up or change color while a voiceover reads the story. 

DRM-Free PDF/ePub

When you buy an eBook directly from our website, you receive a DRM-free e-book for use on iPhone/iPad, Kindle, Android, Sony, Nook, and other eBook readers, as well as on desktop and laptop computers. 

Digital Restrictions Management is the practice of imposing technological restrictions that control what users can do with digital media. When a program is designed to prevent you from copying or sharing a song, reading an ebook on another device, or playing a single-player game without an Internet connection, you are being restricted by DRM. In other words, DRM creates a damaged good; it prevents you from doing what would be possible without it. This concentrates control over production and distribution of media, giving DRM peddlers the power to carry out massive digital book burnings and conduct large scale surveillance over people's media viewing habits.

If we want to avoid a future in which our devices serve as an apparatus to monitor and control our interaction with digital media, we must fight to retain control of our media and software.

MDABW's Online Reader 

MDABW has developed an advanced and smart education, Training and Entrepreneurship software, DioneSoft, to enable you  download, read and store our own e-books and any PDF and EPUB e-book format. This Online Reader is designed to be compatible with PDF and EPUB formats and to all e-reader devices i.e. it displays your e-books in the same and very similar format without any change. DioneSoft is developed to maximise the compantiblity of the main functions you need when using your e-books on any internet browser, including Safari, Firefox and Microsft Edge, and more. This is for the purpose of preventing the barriers of accessibility as some e-reading software like Adobe Digital Editions are not available on some mobile devices.


Choosing the Right E-book Format?

Before buying an e-book, it very important you make the purchase based on the e-reader device you have (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and more).

      • For a PC or Mac, choose EPUB and PDF,
      • For Kindle and Kindle Fire, choose MOBI or PDF,
      • For Android, choose EPUB, and
      • For Sony Reader and Other eReaders, choose EPUB.

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