What is an e-book?

E-book, (or ebook) is a full electronic book, digital file containing a body of text and images suitable for distributing electronically and displaying on-screen in a manner similar to a printed book. E-books are provided with formats optimized for easy downloading and on-screen reading. One of the main benefits as soon as you pay for it, you can start directly reading it online without wasting time for going to the bookstore or waiting for delivery from the bookstore. Bessides, E-books can be stored on wide range of ebook readers software (e.g. EPUB, Kindle and so forth) compatible with most of the available e-readers devices such as laptop, tablet, selfphone and more for easy portability and universal accessibility. Generally, each ebook reader software has its own specific intallation compatibility for each type of e-reader device. For instance, before buying and downloading, make sure that the the ebook reader software  is already available and existing in your ebook reader device. Check our e-reader device guide for free download.

The industry for buying and selling e-books first emerged as a mainstream business in the late 1990s, when companies like Peanut Press began selling book content for reading on personal digital assistants (PDAs), handheld devices that were the predecessors of today's smartphones and tablet computers. However, in the aftermath of the dot-com crash of 2000–2002, e-books did not find wide acceptance by the publishing industry, and investment in e-reading devices and e-book technologies subsided. The industry's resurgence may have begun when the Sony Corporation released an e-reading device in 2006 and Amazon.com released the Kindle in 2007, after which sales of e-books in the United States grew rapidly.

Today, ebooks are designed in many different formats and each provided with its own features. But, our ebooks are generally provided in the two most popular and most easily accessible ebook formats, EPUB and PDF formats. We, at MDA BOOKS STORES, believe that a good reading, start first with the comfort provided by the elegance of the technology used and its easy accesibility.  Besides, we aly emphasis on high quality ebooks that always give you the best mood and desire to read and learn with fun. You can also directly read online our ebooks in your own browser without the need of any extra software. 


How e-books are sold 

E-books are usually distributed on the Internet as downloadable files that can be read offline, as live Web pages that must be read online, or as Web pages that are cached by a Web browser for reading offline.

In other words, customers might find, read about, and buy e-books on a retailer's Web site, but, when they purchase the e-books, they will download the files directly from the publisher's or distributor's servers, which may be on the other side of the world. (The same applies to e-books in a public or institutional library). This distinction is hidden from the customer, but for businesses it is very significant. It allows for e-book files to be stored and managed in only one place (or very few places), even though customers may find them listed for sale or loan in any number of places. Without this distinction, all e-book distribution would occur within closed, proprietary systems, where e-book buyers or library patrons would have to get their books directly from a small number of owners of e-book files.

Closed, proprietary systems exist where a particular company (or consortium of companies) holds the e-book files and controls all the places a customer or library patron can access them. These systems are kept closed by a proprietary form of digital rights management (DRM): a file-encryption and access-control system that locks e-books both to a customer's identity and to specific software controlled by the company (e.g. EPUB and PDF)

Copyright Restrictions

As generally known or established by laws, all the e-books available and sold at mdabooksworld.com are from main publushing houses (including MDA CAPITAL INVEST, A.S.) that have the exclusive distribution and sales rights from their authors. This means that there are always some restrictions and limits on the ways that ebooks are distributed, sold and used.


E-books Availability by Geography

Some of our e-books and books are only allowed for sale in some specific and defined regions under or geograpgical territories under sale or distribution partnership agreement with the main publisher or directly with the author.  So sometimes, it may happen that you buy an e-book, which is not available in your country as an ebook but as a printed hardcover or paperback book. In this case, we will always advice you on the available of the e-book from another closest distributor or seller that holds the rights to publish, sell or distrbution in your local area or region. All our e-books are provided with the geographical area(s) of availability.


How to read our e-books

As every e-book, our e-books are read on any e-reader device provided with the required and compatible e-book reading software to display their given file format (EPUB, PDF). At mdabooksworld.com, you have direct access to Adobe's DRM and Amazon's mobi, which can you download for free to your e-reader device to extract, open and read our PDF and EPUB e-book formats. You can also use the progressive and Smart Apple iBook software to open all our EPUB e-books.

E-reader devices or e-book reading devices consist of laptops, tablets, and personal computers (PCs), including game consoles, dedicated e-readers, mobile phones (especially powerful smartphones), and consoles attached to televisions or other screens. 

Taking Notes or References and Print

As, we (at MDA BOOKS WORLD) lay emphasis on sustainable teaching, learning, education, training and research works, we are using advance educational software that enable our customers and readers to take notes (or copy and paste their notes) and print them for their personal educational and training needs. Off course, by laws,  it is not allowed or possible to print the whole of a book in a single sitting in order to prevent duplication, and fraudulent acts or intentions. Every commercially distributed e-book has printing and copying restrictions, known as Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Usually people who are dovoted to learning and improving their professional skills do not need to copy and print a whole e-book, they ususally take note for their own personal inspiration or learning tips. Some publishers or authors usually determine or define a reasonable amount of excerpt, a passage or quotation you can extract or select and print from an e-book, while other don't allow any printing or copying of their e-books.


E-books and Writers

The writers' jobs and responsibilities, consisting of writing books, articles, stories, etc., change very little as e-books become more popular in the global market. For many years, writer primarily research, analyse, write, and cooperate with editors who promote their work in conjunction with their publisher's marketing department. In fact, this scope of works or tasks of the writer remains the same always the same as writing and publishing e-books.

E-books get faster to the market than printed books because no extra works such as production design and formating, printing binding, and extra expenses or investment will not be required. However, the details of the publishing contract between the writer or Author and the Publisher will become more complex with the inclusion of some detailed obligations or rights (e.g. territorial or zonal distribution or publication rights, and the negotiation of specific royalty structures for e-books.

At the same time that e-books form a larger part of an author's book sales, the promotional work for a book is more Internet-based. As e-books become easier to publish, their abundance makes it harder for authors to stand out from the crowd and attract significant sales. This gives rise not only to increased social networking and blogging by authors but also to bold new licensing models intended to increase visibility. Authors may distribute free digital copies or excerpts of books, publish them under open licenses that allow sharing and reuse (such as Creative Commons licenses), and encourage the participation of fans in the writing process.

Purchasing and Using our E-books

Before purchasing our e-books, please take 5 min of your time and read our e-book purchase guide for additional vital information on how to buy the right e-book with the right format, compatible to your e-book reading software installed on your e-reader device. Check also the guide on our e-book formats and their respective compatible e-reader devices.

If you cannot find the information or help you need, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.


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