Living from your Eyes

Living from your Eyes

Whatever we keep looking at will definitely be part of us. Looking at so many directions in a given time is a sign that there is no future. We are all meant to live from our eyes.

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Author: Chris Christian


Whatever we keep looking at will definitely be part of us. Looking at so many directions in a given time is a sign that there is no future. We are all meant to live from our eyes. There are spiritual eyes, mental eyes and physical eyes. Although these eyes are connected to themselves, the one we use to see predominantly will definitely determine our destiny. God is a Spirit and all who desire to associate with Him are expected to see with spiritual eyes. It is a blessing to see with the eyes of God. It will take a man of faith who sees with the spiritual eyes to be as wealthy as Abraham and still dwelled in tents with Isaac and Jacob because he looked for a city whose builder and maker is God. Using the spiritual eyes to see grants us the rare privilege to see with the eyes of God. All who see with the eyes of God are expected to live like God. Those who live like God are prevented from death. Seeing the invisible with the eyes of God empowers men to do the impossible. Seeing with the eyes of Christ was what separated the man Jesus from all men that ever lived. The man Jesus would not have succeeded in life and ministry if He had not allowed the spiritual eyes of Christ to impart Him. Whosoever influences what we see spiritually or mentally will definitely be part of our destiny. Vision chooses what we are meant to look at and the eyes we must use to see. God is a Spirit who sees everything He wants to see as He looks at Himself. Allowing what is written concerning us to determine where we look at and the eyes we must use to see is meant to save our lives. The desire for us to be part of our future is why 1 decided to write this book. The book is a concerned friend who cares about your destiny. Helping you to apprehend your destiny is her ultimate aim. Make it a must-read!


About the Author

Chris Christian is the Shepherd of the Locust Army International. He is an apostolic-prophet captured with the vision of raising an altar for the capital Messiah in the heart of Africa. To make sure that Jesus Christ is revealed on earth as the Lion of the tribe of Judah is why his ministry was born. Chris Christian is a prolific writer of over one hundred and twenty best-selling books. He is a sacred Eunuch
with an oath of poverty.


Additional information

Hardcover: 88 pages
Paperback: 88 pages
Read online: With our Dione Apps
Year of Publication: June 2020
Edition: First Edition
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-80-7643-006-8
Product Dimensions: 148 x 210 x 45 (58.27 x 82.68 x 17.72) cm/in
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